Happy Feet

“Those shoes are cute! They look comfortable too!” 

I hear that often. Well, it is not a coincidence.

We all work hard. We need to be comfortable and like how we look. Happy feet make for a much better day. Check out my recommendations -- this is my Valentine to you.

I will say, this post is mainly for the ladies as we tend to have this struggle more than men (speaking in generalities here). Feel free to share with coworkers and family. They will appreciate it.

After getting plantar fasciitis (foot pain issues) a few years ago, my podiatrist suggested better shoes. He twisted the shoe I was wearing like ringing out a wet rag to demonstrate the lack of support.

It was painful (literally and figuratively) but I went home and started to throw out a closet full of shoes. Then started on the hunt for cute and comfortable options. Not an easy combo to find! With some trial and error I found a few brands that I really like (shared below).

Here’s to happy feet!

Dress Shoes, Flats, Sandals
Spring Step/ L’artiste

New Balance

Brands Recommended to Me (but I have not tried them yet)

Most of these brands have one or more shoes using sustainable or vegan materials. These are not inexpensive, but do seem to last. If you are an Amazon, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx shopper, you can occasionally find some deals. There are many brick and mortar shoe stores who sell these brands too if you want to keep it local.