Self Care: Just Do It

"Massage for Kate- paid for" popped up on my calendar last week. I felt a wave of euphoria and gratitude come over me! Then a little bit of, "Do I have time? Should we be spending the money?"

It is fair to say that historically, I have stunk at self-care. My husband knows this, which is why he scheduled and paid for my massage (he goes monthly for a massage and is much better at self care all around).So I have no room to be sanctimonious but want share methods I have found to be helpful, for me or others. And maybe to kick my own butt into gear...

I used to think self-care was mostly woo-woo stuff-- just an excuse not to work hard.
But now, finally, in my mid-life, I get it. It is wellness and self preservation. It is also how we enjoy our short time on this earth. I fully appreciate the younger folks who have come along with this life balance thing already figured out.

I speak to clients regularly who share their stress, frustration and/or lack of life balance and it makes me know we all need to do better. How effective are we in this state? The pandemic with all of its challenges and fallout, a contentious presidential election, and people fighting daily for equity and human rights, takes a toll. We need to take a deep breath, sit back and chill for a bit.

Back in March, I saw these "quarantine questions" and found them very helpful. As we approach winter with the pandemic still nipping at our heels, I am posting this at my desk again.

What can we do to take care of ourselves? Those are personal choices. Consider what makes you feel good and take uninterrupted time to do these things. I like drives on hilly country roads with music blaring. What's your thing? 

Here are some ideas for you and that you can share with your teams:

Ø  Practice gratitude even in you worst moments (note to self).

Ø  Take midday outdoor breaks - enjoy the sunlight. Dress for the weather and get outside!

Ø Work with a life or business coach and/or a therapist - talking helps, keeps you clear-headed and can help you be accountable to your goals.

Ø Keep a list of work successes (stuff is hard -- celebrate what went well!).

Ø Yoga at Your Desk (or anywhere); stretch and let your body feel good.

Ø Keep a daily routine and then break it on a weekend day so the day feels extra special.

Ø Have a dance party on your own, with family, or on Zoom with others; make a playlist you like to jam with and share it.

Ø Go for a drive. Enjoy the air and sites. Jam out to your favorite music. (I had Roberta Flack on repeat last Sunday on my drive)

           Ø  Forgive yourself. This is such an important one and the hardest on this list. This                         means different things to different people. Start working on this.

Ø Get a massage (with a therapist who is taking serious COVID precautions).

Ø Take a nap or just sit/lay and rest.

Ø Eat healthy, but don't beat yourself up about it. So what --you ate takeout 5xs this week, try cooking at home next week.

Ø Move your body. Try Fitness Blender to try new exercises at home.

Ø Work on a jigsaw puzzles to use your brain differently and let your thoughts roam, like meditation. (I’ve been kind of obsessed. Pro tip: Dollar Tree)

Ø Learn something new - a craft, a new language (try Duolingo), a winter sport

Ø Avoid too much news watching/reading- no need to buy into the 24-hour news cycle as it is repetitive and not good for you.

Ø Put down your phone; turn off your email/texts. It can wait. 


         Please take care of you. You deserve it and we need you!